Exploring The Creative Mind



A bit about me. I have been a therapist in the public system for 25 years. Over the years I have witnessed various therapeutic modalities and continuously took further education so I could best assess collaboratively what people needed to address the issues they brought forth. My background includes two undergrad bachelor degrees. One is in behavioural psychology from the University of Toronto and the other is in fine arts from Emily Carr University. After Emily Carr I engaged in a two year program in art therapy and have been a registered art therapist since 1998.

My work as a therapist has included working for 5 years at BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse where I worked with men and their partners on addressing the trauma they experienced from a history of abuse. Since 1998 I have worked at SAFER which is a counselling agency that is part of Vancouver Coastal Health. SAFER is a counselling agency specific to the issue of suicide. There, I have worked with people who are suicidal or have lost someone to suicide. Currently I continue to work there weekdays. 

The focus of my private practice is the creative approach. Because I have a specialty in Art Therapy I have witnessed the value of using art as a way to explore issues.

Art therapy can easily be incorporated with evidence based modalities and sessions are often in tune with what a person needs to best address any particular issue. It is a psychotherapy that utilizes the creative process in exploring and better understanding oneself. At times a person might have difficulties articulating what they are thinking or feeling. My job is to provide you space to explore creatively ways to get in touch with what you are experiencing in life.


Exploring The Creative Mind